AP400 – AP HWY

AP400 – AP HWY

Medium Truck Radial Medium Truck Radial

Smartway Approved T&B

All Position

Wear Life

Quiet Ride

Wet Peformance

Fuel Efficiency

• Low rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption
• Long life, smooth wear

Synergy MTR Tire Limited Warranty

This tire is protected by the Synergy MTR Tire Limited Warranty which covers against defect in material and workmanship for the life of the tire.

Item Code Size (Size / Ply) Service Description SW (in) OD (in) T/D x32
SY100511R22.5 14PR144/14210.9841.518
SY106711R22.5 16PR146/14310.9841.518
SY100811R24.5 14PR146/14310.9843.518
SY107111R24.5 16PR149/14610.9843.518
SY1011295/75R22.5 14PR144/14111.7339.918
SY1015285/75R24.5 14PR144/14111.1441.318
SY1064255/70R22.5 16PR140/13710.0436.618