LQ229 Tire & Wheel Assembly

LQ229 Tire & Wheel Assembly

Tire & Wheel Assemblies Tire & Wheel Assemblies

*Also available as tire-only unit

• Uses high-intensity matrix tread design for less rolling resistance
• Effective defense against side-slip and wandering
• Suited for highway driving and fuel efficient

Limited Warranty

This tire is backed by our limited warranty against defects in workmanship and material for the life of the original tread. Click here for details

Item Code Size/Ply Rim Size Hole Color PSI Max Loading (lbs)
ASB1001ST175/80D13-613x4.5 5-4.58 SpokeWhite501360
ASB1002ST205/75D14-614x6 5-4.58 SpokeWhite501760
ASB1004ST205/75D15-615x5 5-4.58 SpokeWhite501820
ASB1006ST225/75D15-815x6 6-5.58SpokeWhite652540