Lande E3

Lande E3



Limited Warranty

This tire is backed by our limited warranty against defects in workmanship and material for the life of the original tread. Click here for details

Item Code Size (Size / Ply) SW (in) OD (in) T/D x32 PSI Max Load (lbs)
AM105920.5-25/20 TL2059374713228
AM300115.5-25 TL165030367165
AM300215.5-25 TL165030478267
AM300317.5-25 TL185333338047
AM300417.5-25 TL185333449370
AM300520.5-25 TL2059374012015
AM300620.5-25 TL2059374713228
AM300723.5-25 TL2364383313558
AM300823.5-25 TL2364384416094
AM300926.5-25 TL2769444420393
AM301026.5-25 TL2769445122046
AM301129.5-25 TL3074484725353
AM301229.5-25 TL3074485828219
AM301329.5-29 TL3078484726786