LM508 – Drive/Traction

LM508 – Drive/Traction

Medium Truck Radial Medium Truck Radial



• HWY service
• Lug pattern
• Premium drive tire

Limited Warranty

This tire is backed by our limited warranty against defects in workmanship and material for the life of the original tread. Click here for details

Item Code Size (Size / Ply) Service Description SW (in) OD (in) T/D x32
LM1062215/75R17 .5/16135/1338.330.218.9
LM1063225/70R19 .5/12125/1238.931.918.9
LM1070235/75R17 .5/16143/1419.231.418.9
LM1072245/70R19 .5/16135/1339.83318.9