GCA1 – E3/L3

GCA1 – E3/L3




• Superior traction
• Ensures a very comfortable ride due to its superb stability
• Inner liner specially designed with compound to prevent air leakage
• Versatile tread pattern designed for loader, dozer, and other equipment used for construction

Limited Warranty

This tire is backed by our limited warranty against defects in workmanship and material for the life of the original tread. Click here for details

Item Code Size (Size / Ply) Service Description SW (in) OD (in) T/D x32
BT104217.5R25 ☆☆ E3/L3157B/176A217.553.133.5
BT106520.5R25 ☆☆ E3/L3177B/193A220.558.735.9
BT102023.5R25A ☆☆ E3/L3185B/201A223.563.752.9
BT102226.5R25 ☆☆ E3/L3193B/209A226.568.945.4
BT102429.5R25 ☆☆ E3/L3200B/216A229.573.754.2