SU02 Tire & Wheel Assembly

SU02 Tire & Wheel Assembly

Tire & Wheel Assemblies Tire & Wheel Assemblies

*Also available in a tire-only unit

• Matrix tread designed for more mileage
• Low profile tire designed for better handling
• Suitable for all roads and any weather condition
• Improved ride characteristic for the towed vehicle

Limited Warranty

This tire is backed by our limited warranty against defects in workmanship and material for the life of the original tread. Click here for details

Item Code Size/Ply Rim Size Hole Color PSI Max Loading (lbs)
ASB10525.70-8/48x3.754 LugWhite50715
ASB10245.70-8/48x3.755 LugWhite50715
ASB10514.80-12/412x4 4-48 SpokeWhite60780
ASB10534.80-12/412x4 5-4.58 SpokeWhite60780
ASB10475.30-12/612x68 SpokeWhite50715
ASB10645.30-12/612x48 SpokeWhite801120